Use these icebreakers to get to know your new students this year. The 4 activities are the perfect way to encourage your students to talk about themselves and their lives at the beginning of the year. This free resources is the perfect way to gain yourself some time in those first days back.

  • 4 pictures 1 summer – just like the ‘now retro’ game. Students show 4 pictures of their summer and classmates have to guess who they belong to. The name of the game is make it hard to figure out.
  • Espresso yourself – a grown up take on the classic all-about-me sheet. Use the coffee cup to fill up on facts about your class. It’s great to know a latte about your students (ok – I’ll stop now)
  • In this classroom bunting page – bored of cutesy motivational posters. I bet your students are too. Let them make their own motivational bunting. In this classroom …
  • Risky thinking – nothing like a start of term confessional. This writing task allows your kids to wipe the slate clean at the beginning of year and tell you what the biggest risk taken last year was.