Reusable Cognitive Behavioral CBT Worksheets to support elementary school students make the connection between feelings, thoughts and actions. Activities support behavior change in students by allowing them to see behavior patterns in a concrete way. These CBT Worksheets help kids go through a step by step process when problem solving, consider common problems and think about how to change their behavior. Helpful when paired with emotional regulation and behavioral regulation lessons.

These CBT worksheets are key resources for me throughout the school year for “emergency” problem solving, individual counseling sessions, and group counseling sessions. Students begin to rely on them can draw them from memory.

Emotional Regulation Scales

  • Emotional Thermometers (Colour and BW)
  • The Wave 
  • Feelings Circles
  • Meltdown Mountain

Connecting Thoughts, Feelings, and Behaviors

  • Think-Feel-Act Sheets
  • Round the Bases
  • How My Kite Flies
  • Blank Face Sheet: Students can draw in the expression, write down their thoughts and feelings.
  • Daily Thought Record
  • One Way to Think About It

Problem Solving Maps

  • Problem Solving Road Map
  • Strategies Sheet
  • I’m in Control